Simple Joys Lately.

A weekly post to remind myself to look for and appreciate the simple things that bring joy to my every day.

This hat – for being the solution in the matter of the pesky thermostat. Now you see it, now you don’t.

Weekend potatoes – for being a constant in the rhythm of our weekends. I’ll choose you every Saturday forevermore.

This basket of books – for being (almost) all good. And the joy of knowing that I’m headed back to the library with them tomorrow for a fresh stack.

This vintage croquet set given to us by sweet neighbors – because my parents have the same set at home and it makes me feel all melty thinking about my kids having the same memories about their childhood that I do about mine.

This sister cocktail scene – for filling up my literal and metaphorical cup every Friday. And because the Gimlets did not disappoint this week. Up next – Sazerac.

These warm sugar cookies – because I didn’t even barely have to lift a finger to make them. Forever thanking my past self when I pull frozen cookie dough balls out of the freezer to bake on a whim.

Goodnight, friends! I hope you remember to pause and appreciate the simple joys in your life this week.