Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

Just a friendly psa that Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching if you live stateside. May 14th is the big day, so now is the time to get your plans in order. Sharing a few ideas here! Share your own ideas in the comments!

For your mom who loves her children and grandchildren unconditionally, loves wine, gardening and baking:

  • For several years when we were poor grad students, I would bake a loaf of English Muffin Bread and homemade jam, wrap it up in a cute tea towel with a sweet letter and mail it off to my mom in Indiana.
  • As I’m sure you know, gift cards seem lazy, but they might be the most fun for the receiver. My mom always tells my brothers she wants gift cards to Home Depot or the local nursery so she can go fill her garden beds.
  • Heirloom garden tools: A new storage bucket, snips, trowel, sun hat and garden gloves.
  • Send her flowers, duh. If you buy them from the grocery store – take them out of the plastic and wrap into some butcher paper with baker’s twine for an elegant upgrade.
  • Take her to lunch. The thing she really wants is time with you anyhow.
  • Pretty stationery.
  • Send her a homemade charcuterie package – go to the store and get fancy crackers, nuts, jams and a bottle of wine. Grab a little cheese board too! Mail it now and it’ll be there in time!
  • A new nightie and slippers
  • If she’s a reader, gift her a year of Book of the month club, Audible, or a new Kindle.
  • New sheets or a quilt are always a good idea

On my own list:

Just a few ideas! What are you asking for or gifting!?