Parenting Tip #1: Check and Double Check the Crib Sheets.

I wanted to start things off right here with letting you in on the most embarrassing parenting story that’s happened to me lately… I’m not sure why this is jumping out to me as what should begin my writing career with, but here we are. My heart is set and it won’t be changed.

Let me set the scene for you. It was a Monday night (much like tonight) in the not too distant past. We had just gotten the boys down to bed, and were beginning the arduous task of cleaning the house from top to bottom. My husband is always on kitchen duty, and I am on laundry and general tidying duty. So I was sitting on the couch surrounded by my boys’ tiny folded things, listening to my audiobook when my husband called to me laughing from the other room. “Uh, honey.” “Mmhmm?” I replied, not knowing that soon my life would be irrevocably changed.

But when he came in he was holding something very small, very lacy and very…leopard print. A thong. It was my thong. Now…I am known to wear the occasional thong every now and then if my chosen outfit requires it. I am a strong proponent of the anti-VPL community. But I’m not normally a lacy leopard thong kind of gal. More sensible comfort thong with a little lace because I like pretty things. But I won’t deny it. This leopard print thong was mine. Well, I thought, nay! I hoped! to myself that maybe I dropped it from the laundry when I was carrying the basket to the couch. But those hopes were dashed when he said these next awful words, “Look what I found in Lukey’s lunchbox.” And that’s when it all became clear, friends… On Mondays I send in freshly washed crib sheets and blankets for each of the boys. My thong was found inside one of the pesky corners of Luke (our youngest)’s crib sheet and one of his kind teachers then returned it to us in Luke’s lunchbox.

It’s been a few weeks, so the memory burns a little less, but I also wonder if I am now known at the boys’ daycare as The Thong Mom. Maybe it would have been kinder for the teacher to just throw it away and I would be none the wiser? What do you think? In the end – let my mistake be a lesson to you – always check and double check the crib sheets before sending them in to daycare. Hope you guys had a great Monday! No thongs found in any lunchboxes tonight, so I’m doing just fine.

(The boys’ matching monogrammed school bags are from LL Bean. They’re the medium boat and tote and they work wonderfully for daycare trips, and when the boys turn into school age boys, they’re perfect for library book bags.)

11 thoughts on “Parenting Tip #1: Check and Double Check the Crib Sheets.

  1. My husband was once in a meeting and his pant leg was bothering him. He put his hand up the pant leg and pulled out my thong. He claimed he put it in his pocket before anyone noticed – but I was mortified anyways. They always stick to everything!! Great blog post.


  2. Bahahahaha! Oy, vey! I’m feeling your initial horror and laughing with you, Emily. =0 =) It’s our embarrassing moments that make us real, isn’t it? I love that you shared this. Love that you’re blogging. Looking forward to more!


  3. I’m laughing :)))))), it’s like a scene from a movie comedy. But I understand, it’s not funny for the main actor. 😉 My son doesn’t go to kindergarten yet, but thank you for the tip.


  4. Too funny. Having worked in a toddler classroom, I assure you this probably made their day! Simply because it’s the little things–like the unexpected injection of humor–that can make a day especially fun. Hope you and the teachers have the kind of relationship where you can laugh about it together. 🙂


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