The Friday Post. [vol. 1]

Made it. It’s Friday. Oh glory glory. I don’t know about you, but I think of Friday as a weekly holiday. I’m not one who needs much encouragement to celebrate something, but I think we can all get behind this one. How was your week? I feel like mine passed in such a blur. Highlights were a cake for no reason, farmers market produce, and feeling like I’ve been really on top of things. I have a few things that I’m hoping to get to this weekend, and I’m so happy it’s a long one.

Ben is supposed to start intensive potty training on Monday at school (they send us an embarrassingly forceful letter about how “according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, potty training should be started at the age of two”. and I was like OK I know we’re supposed to do it, but you guys have him all day and I work and when am I going to do it, I kind of have my hands full. Sheesh. Yes, I’m clearly self conscious about it, let’s move on.), so I’m going to take him to the store so he can pick out his undies. So far he’s told me “No I do not wanna sit on the potty.” lol. May need to make a potty training cake to get through it. In fun news, Charlie got a gift card to the movies from his aunt and uncle for his birthday (way back in October), and either my husband or I are going to take him to see Clifford. He’s never been to a movie theater before! And Luke will be wandering around all weekend being his usual slobbery self.

I’ve been wanting to have a little dinner party with my friends from school, so we’ll have them over on Sunday as there’s no school on Monday for MLK Day. I’m thinking that creamy parmesan polenta will be on the menu topped with braised beef in a homemade tomato sauce, sides of glazed carrots, collard greens, and we’ll finish it off with iced brownies for dessert. Imagining lots of red wine, craft beers, spiked grapefruit sodas and maybe a game after the boys go to bed. Our principal is leaving our school for a promotion and the panel is in the process of choosing a new principal so I’m expecting some tea on the side.

Anyway – I’ve been loving this little space as an outlet. I’m wrapping up my first week as a blogger and it feels like a natural extension of my life. Who knew I had so much to say?! I have so many ideas that I’ve jotted down to write about too. Inspiration is at an all time high!

I think I’ll use this Friday Post to share a little personal update, and a few interesting links that I’ve found this week that you might find interesting too. Lots of blogs do this and I always love reading them. My favorite is Cup of Jo, but I also love Grit and Polish‘s too. So with that – here are a few links from around the web this week…

I’ve been following along with the snippets of Jo Rodgers’ flat renovation for two years and it’s finally done and it is just as stunning as I’d hoped.

How to read more.

“Even as these stories work to uncover mother’s complex emotional truths, they indulge their own little fiction: that a mother only becomes interesting when she stops being one.”

A trick to fall asleep almost instantly.

I just finished this book (did not see the ending coming), and started this one.

This picture makes me smile. May have to recreate.

For valentine’s day?

Also for valentine’s day.

What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun? Whatever it is, I hope you kick your feet up and relax on the side. πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “The Friday Post. [vol. 1]

  1. Hi!!
    I stumbled upon your Instagram randomly a couple weeks ago and man oh man do I feel so lucky I did. You post the best pictures. So simple and pure and authentic to who you are. Through your writing and pictures I feel like I can totally picture you in real life, laid back, easy going and just super kind. Thank you for opening yourself up to the world and just being who you are. Never a better time than now to look more inward try and be the best version of yourself. I love love love following along on your blog and Instagram. Enjoy your long weekend πŸ™‚


  2. What a fun read! A little bummed because the NYT link to falling asleep faster wouldn’t work since I’m not a subscriber πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ, but loved all the other links!


  3. Love the tips on How to Read More. After many years of resisting, I finally gave in and started listening to audiobooks while I’m at work. My local library is hosting a “book bingo” from January-February and there’s no way I’d be able to participate if it weren’t for audiobooks!

    Excited to follow along!


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