A May To Do List.

That time of the month in which I choose everything I’m going to try. Mostly 4 things per category with a few exceptions for a bonus if we have time. You can choose any categories you like! These are just things that are important to me. And choose more or less depending on how much time you have!

In May I want to be outside, be present, and be focused on my family. I do have two little personal goals for the month – everyday blog posting and everyday workouts. I am the type of person who thrives when doing something every day rather than once in a while. I’ll keep you updated on how it’s all going!

Bake (for the weekend)

  1. Last Day of School Bake – Last year I did donuts, the year before, a cake. I’m feeling a pie this year. What do you think?
  2. Blueberry Hand Pies
  3. Angel Food Cake with Raspberry Cream
  4. A new pie from The Book on Pie, by Erin Jeanne McDowell
  5. Neapolitan Pops – ambitious to have 5 things on my May list, but I’ll give it my best shot

Treat (a weekday treat)

  1. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  2. Strawberry Ice Cream
  3. Coffee Cake
  4. Mini Cinnamon Buns


  1. Kale Caesar with Sweet Potato Rounds
  2. Caramelized Lemon Butter Orzo with Arugula
  3. Hot Honey Chicken
  4. Italian Heroes
  5. Milk Braised Pork with Gnocchi in sage and butter with a salad of bitter greens – literally read this meal in a book and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.


  1. Tequila Spritz
  2. Strawberry Basil Shrub
  3. Mint Juleps
  4. Pisco Sour

Date Nights!

  1. SunFest – Jack Johnson and the Killers are playing and I can’t possibly choose
  2. Charcuterie Date
  3. IPA Beer Tasting
  4. After Bedtime Fancy Dinner


  1. Charlie Graduates!
  2. Memorial Day Overnight
  3. Zoo or Science Center weekend outing
  4. Boys to a Movie with dad

House Projects

  1. New Doors!!!
  2. Garden Planner
  3. Plant Lettuce
  4. New Couch – playroom

What are your goals this month? Anything exciting? I’d love to hear! Even if it isn’t exciting! Maybe especially if it isn’t. You know I’m all about the mundane, beauty of the everyday. 🙂

Other to do lists if you’re into this sort of thing, and another on the point of it all.

One thought on “A May To Do List.

  1. Omg how are you actually going to decide between Jack Johnson vans the Killers?? They’re both on my concert bucket list. But I think I’d almost lean towards Jack because the outdoor festival vibes will be so perfect..
    My May challenge is to clean the kitchen fully every night before bed. It’s never been a consistent habit for me but I love when I do it so I want it to be the norm not the exception


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