The Friday Post. [vol 7]

A fun new format for this weekly update – This week in categories and the best of’s:

Snacking: Ice cold watermelon

Eating: Carrot Soup with Sharp White Cheddar Grilled Cheeses – will share the recipe next week!

Reading: Just finished Happy Place (SOOO good) and immediately started Daisy Darker

Drinking: Mint Juleps on Saturday for a sister cocktail Kentucky Derby

Pondering: The grey hairs that keep popping up all over my head

Watching: We’re in the midst of Florida Man on Netflix. It’s not amazing, but it’s also not bad!

Gardening: Planting lettuce this weekend with the boys!

Weekending: We got ourselves a sitter and we’re hitting the town on Saturday!

Home-ing: New doors that we’ve been talking about for two years.

Teaching: 15 days left!! Just trying to get all the books back from students and wind the library down. Free choice centers for the upper grades and simple story times for the lower grades.

In other, more link-y news:

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