A September To Do List.

Ah, September, the beginning of apple everything, darkening days, You’ve Got Mail viewings, sprinkling of stalks of wheat and mini pumpkins around the house, and that crisp feeling in the air that means only one thing – It’s (basically) Fall! I have so many things on my list for month. I’m so excited about it I could dance. I do have to make one tiny little disclaimer though that I may change a few things. I just got two magazines (this one, and this one) from the store the other day that have so many great recipes inside, I may have to make a few sub-ins. But I’m also so excited about the lists I already have that maybe I’ll just have to add rather than subtract. There is time to do it all, we just have to make our minds up to do it. So without further ado, The September list.


  1. Caramel Apple Hand Pies
  2. Pumpkin Bread
  3. Apple Crisp
  4. Salted Maple Pie


  1. Apple Cider Donuts
  2. Apple Butter with Sourdough
  3. Molasses Cookies
  4. Apple Chips


  1. Homemade Ravioli in a Sage & Brown Butter Sauce
  2. Whole Roast Onions with Pork Chops & Mashed Potatoes
  3. Mason Jar Chicken Pot Pies
  4. Cheesy Root Vegetable Gratin
  5. No Recipe Galette


  1. Apple Butter Old Fashioned
  2. September Heatwave
  3. Fig Jam & Gin Cocktail
  4. Smoked Manhattans


  1. New Game Night – Anyone have a favorite game they want to suggest?
  2. Pumpkin Beer Tasting – We’ll probably try 4 or 5!
  3. Couples Book Club – I’ll share the suggestions I got and what we chose!
  4. Top Gun: Maverick Movie Night – Lots of ideas for this one!!
  5. Puzzle Date – I thrifted the cutest little fall puzzle, so we’ll do a puzzle together with drinks, music and chatting.

6 thoughts on “A September To Do List.

  1. My husband and I love playing Skip-Bo! We recently taught our kiddos but before that we used to play several rounds in the evenings together.

    Mexican train with dominos is another family favorite!


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